Feb 24, 2011

words from IMAM AL-GAZALI

One day,Imam Al-Ghazali gathered with his disciples and then he asked: "What is the closest in this world?"

Each student said: "teachers, friends, relatives."

Imam Ghazali said: "All answers are correct. But the most close to us is dead.Because the promise of God, that every soul will surely die.." (Surah Ali Imran:185)

Death will come pick you up at any time without we know, wherever you hide, death will come without you know when it happened. But remember the words of Rasulullah SAW: "Do not fear death because it surely happens, do not ask the dead come to you or let you do that you get closer to death. "

Imam Ghazali asked again: "What is the most distant from us in this world?"

Each student said: "moon,stars and sun."

Imam Ghazali allows all the answers and said: "The most accurate is the past."

Any of our people cannot return to the past. That is why we need to keep careful today, tomorrow and the days that would come with a claimed act of Islam. "

Imam Ghazali asked again: "What is the biggest in the world?" Other reasonable answers received from his students and he allows it, but he said: "The most accurate answer is passion." (Surah Al-A`raf: 179).

Anger, adultery, theft, fights, wars and murders, all starting with "passion" which is not restrained. Therefore, be careful with your passions. Don't let our desires lead us to hell.

Then,Imam Ghazali asked: "What is most severe in the world?"

His students answered it and Imam Ghazali said yes, but he said: "The most weight in the world is holding trust." (Surah Al-Ahzab: 72).

Plants, mountains, and all the angels cannot afford when God asks them to become leaders in the world caliphate. But people with arrogant rush to take the requests of God,so many people go to hell for failing to hold in trust.

Imam Ghazali said: "What is the best lightweight in the world?" He receives the answer and said: "All your answers were right, but the lightest one in the world is abandoning prayer."

Because of our jobs or the business world, we leave our prayer.

Imam Ghazali said, "What is the sharpest one in this world?"

His students answer simultaneously: "Sword".

Imam Ghazali allow the answer, but he said: "The most sharply is that the human tongue, as the tongue, people can easily offended and hurt the feelings of others."

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